Foot Health

This treatment will either be a general foot health treatment or a targeted treatment, to ensure that your feet are in tip-top condition.

Initial Foot Health Consultation
(up to 15 mins – free)

For you to decide exactly what treatment you want for your feet and go through your medical history.

Foot MOT
(up to 60 mins – £35)

We will spend 15 minutes discussing your medical history in detail, including any medications you may be taking.  We will also cover any concerns you have regarding the current condition of your feet and your priorities for your own foot health.  I will then spend up to 60 minutes treating your feet to get them on the road to the way you want them to be!  This could include toenail trimming, hard skin removal, treating corns/verrucas as well as any specific conditions that may need particular attention.

Special Targeted Treatments
(up to 60 mins – £45)

All the special targeted treatmnts  include basic foot health with a focus on your particular problem area!

Smoothie Special  – Cracked Heel Treatment

I will spend as long as it takes to get your heels from cracked and hard to smooth and soft, using the best tools for the job!  This treatment will also include the choice of a complementary pair of Flexitol Moisturing Gel Socks (rrp £10) or a full-size Flexitol Heel Magic cream stick (rrp £8) to ensure you can treat your own feet in-between regular maintenance appointments.

Athletes Foot Attack

A complete foot MOT treatment (to include the most appropriate medication for your feet i.e Lamisil Once so that Athletes foot can be well and truly banished!

Verruca Treatment
(up to 45 mins £25) – follow up appointments £15

Treating verruca with the most appropriate medication and dressings, including advice and information.  Children and adults can be treated, although levels of success vary with the individual!

Foot Health Regular Maintenance Appointment
(45 mins – £35)

This will be a regular maintenance treatment.


Foot being massagedReflexology

Your Reflexology treatment can either be in the form of a full treatment, covering all parts of the foot (and body) or, if you prefer, we can work on any areas that you want targeted (30 mins).

Initial Reflexology Consultation
(up to 15 mins – free)

To discuss whether Reflexology is right for you and what you want from the treatment, as well as discussing your medical history.

Full Reflexology Treatment
(45 mins -£35)

This will cover the entire foot/body and will include some discussion time following the treatment.